Bristol Actor Headshots & Modelling Portfolio Photography

Come and visit us at our studio in Downend, Bristol for your professionally produced headshots. Great for actors, dancers, musicians and models looking to build their portfolios and update their headshots. We have experience producing beautiful and captivating headshots – we also use techniques preferred by casting agencies and agents so your headshots are industry friendly.

Our studio is kitted out with a large “infinity cove” backdrop. This is a large structure which creates a perfect shadowless white background. This is a beautiful way to showcase your headshot – as it creates a simple background for your images which doesn’t detract from you and allows your images to speak for themselves. Simple, timeless and stylish. Our headshots are produced with casting in mind and we can do close ups, full body and a mixture of different looks – all in one session. We have a changing room on site if you want to bring different outfits and give yourself more options. Our “standard portraiture” makes use of our white backdrop and is perfect for classic, modern and clear headshots.

We also offer a more advanced “Premium Photoshoot Package” which creates something more artistic, dramatic and stylish – you can read more about it here. All pricing is available online for all services we offer, so you can take a look and make your selections based on your needs.

You may be an experienced actor, dancer, musician, performer or model or you might have no previous experience of being professionally photographed – it doesn’t matter. Either way you’ll get a warm welcome to our studio no matter your experience level. Don’t worry if you haven’t any previous experience with modelling or taking headshots, we’ll talk you through everything and promise you’ll enjoy the session. We welcome a lot of first time actors, models etc who are just starting out and looking to build a portfolio.

We make sure our pricing is very realistic too. Just because it’s a headshot we don’t suddenly inflate our prices tenfold, far from it. We charge the same rate for our headshots that we charge for all of our other portraiture. Images will be provided to you digitally as well, so they’re ready to go for casting agency websites etc and online portfolios etc. We can also offer printing services if you need your headshot(s) printed and want it look exceptional – see our print pricing for details. We’ve worked with a number of actors, models, dancers and musicians to provide some beautiful, timeless work that showcases who they are. We include copyright permission in the studio price, meaning you can use the images for your own portfolio, casting websites, agencies and agents. By booking you agree to our terms.

If you have any questions please contact us. If you’d like to book you can book your appointment online instantly.

For commercial / business photography (including corporate headshots and business bookings) please see our dedicated corporate page.

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We have two different options available for you when you come into our studio for your headshot or modelling portfolio. Below you’ll find links to view our full pricing for the two distinct types of portraiture we offer.

Our “standard portraiture” is very popular and the more affordable option of the two types we offer. All images are taken on our white “infinity cove” backdrop. Perfect for actors headshots or modelling portfolios where clear, crisp and well lit photography is the key.

We also offer a “Premium Photoshoot Package” which uses advanced lighting techniques and poses to go beyond our standard portraiture to create something artistic, dramatic and atmospheric.


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If you have any questions please contact us – we’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you.

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