West 70 Photography’s Halloween Event

Our free halloween event is now cancelled.

The planned event on Wednesday 31st October 2018 will unfortunately no longer be taking place. A major reason for this is due to significant external building work surrounding the business premises. While the inside of the business is unaffected by the building works, we believe it’s not wise to operate a large-scale event with lots of footfall while we have significant construction directly surrounding the business.

Furthermore, we are now legally required to have various permissions / licences / specialist insurance for the event to take place. As the event is free of charge, this would’ve greatly increase our running costs. There were some other factors involved including new privacy laws regarding free event photographs and how these images are shared as well as some issues with antisocial behaviour in past years. All of these reasons combined led us to the difficult decision to no longer go ahead with the free halloween event.

We continue to love halloween and our studio remains decorated with extensive theming which we know many of you enjoy. Please do stop by and enjoy the window decorations or stop by any Tuesday 3pm until 7pm in October to enjoy the decorations inside and help yourself to a little halloween treat.

Please accept our apologies for this cancellation and we wish everyone a very safe, spooky and enjoyable halloween!