Commercial Use of Our Images

If you are reading this it’s probably because we have worked together at an event and you’re interested in using some of our images. We love a collaboration and we’re keen to help support other local businesses. Therefore we are happy to provide watermarked images from an event as long as the couple (whose event it was) have explicitly agreed to it. It is your responsibility to seek permission.

As standard we provide our couples with copyright permission for personal use. This does not include any form of commercial business use (no matter how small the business may be) or for any promotional reasons. Please do not directly obtain any images from the couple if you wish to use them for any form of commercial use. Some couples may also decline a request for their images to be used for commercial purposes. If a couple declines use of their images this means we will not be able to provide any images to you.

Unauthorised commercial use or violation of the terms will result in a fine + flat rate charge per image violation. In order to provide you with images please read below and complete the form.


With the couples express permission obtained by you, we’re happy to provide a selection of images from the event free of charge. The image(s) provided to you will contain our standard watermark logo and a credit/tag must also accompany the image whenever it is used (for example for facebook please tag our page, for use on your website please provide a clickable link to our website). The credit should be with the photo and clearly visible. If we are not on a social media platform you’re using, please use our name and website address. The watermark containing our logo must remain intact and must not be cropped out, obscured or removed from any of the images provided. Please contact us if you intend to use the image and the watermark will be obscured or cropped out. The watermark must be fully visible wherever the image(s) appear. 

Website (please copy and paste this exactly):
Facebook: West 70 Photography
Instagram: west70photography
Twitter: @west70photo


If you would prefer a non-watermarked version or you do not wish to / are unable to also provide appropriate credit then you can buy images (again, with permission from the couple). We charge a flat rate of £35 per image. Each image you require will need to be purchased and will be provided without a watermark and no credit to us would be due (although this would still be welcome). You will still need permission from the customer.



Commercial Use Form
For example "florist", "cake maker" or "wedding venue" - so we can send relevant images
Please double check that this is entered correctly as we use this to correspond with you. We will e-mail images to you.
Please provide any further information / requests here.
I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to that my information will be kept secure in accordance with GDPR legislation, and that my data will not be passed on to any third parties. I understand that I may receive communication from West 70 Photography regarding this specific enquiry only and that I am free to request that these communications stop at any time.