Watermark Gallery Request (Weddings)

We are always happy to share images with other businesses / suppliers providing the images contain our watermark. The watermark is essentially our business card and it clearly signifies that the images were taken by us. We know not everyone loves watermarks but it’s important that our work is linked to us. We also use them ourselves when sharing images online to keep our work secure and protected. Here’s an example of how the watermark looks. It’s subtle, but also clearly identifies us as the photographer.

Providing you’re okay with sharing your images, we will happily put together a watermarked gallery of your final images for you to share with other businesses / suppliers free of charge. As standard we provide our couples with copyright permission for personal use. This does not include any form of commercial business use (no matter how small the business may be) or for any promotional usage. Please do not share your original (not watermarked) gallery with any businesses / suppliers as this isn’t part of the copyright agreement and may result in additional charges being due. 

We apologise for sounding strict about this – sadly our work has been taken so many times (uncredited) that we need to take this measure.

It’s important you do not feel pressured into sharing images with other businesses / suppliers. We know other businesses / suppliers may ask to see the final professional photographs, and that’s always appreciated, but it’s important that you are comfortable with your images being shared. We firmly believe in your right to privacy (which is why we give you the option to ‘opt out’ of any promotional use). By completing the form below you are confirming that you are happy for your images to be watermarked and then passed along to you to be used by other businesses. You will need to either download and send the images to suppliers directly, or send the suppliers a link to the gallery. We do not directly share the images with your suppliers. We cannot accept any responsibility for how other businesses may use the images and this means you are overwriting any possible previous “opt out” of promotional use.


When sharing the watermarked images with other businesses / suppliers please feel free to copy and paste the following message to them. A similar message is also included in the watermarked gallery.

We’re happy to provide our images from this wedding free of charge. This has been shared with the couples direct permission and with permission from West 70 Photography – providing the following conditions are met. The image(s) provided to you contain our standard watermark logo. The watermark must remain intact and must not be cropped out, obscured or removed from any of the images provided for business / supplier use. Please do not apply any filters or in any way further alter/edit the images being provided. If you wish to purchase any images without a watermark please contact us. Whenever possible please also credit/tag us using the details below – while not required with the watermark in place, it’s always appreciated.

Website (please copy and paste this exactly): https://www.west70.co.uk
Facebook: West 70 Photography
Instagram: @west70photography

Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in penalty charges to both the couple and the businesses who violate this agreement. If you are unable to follow these requests we’d politely request that our images are not used. We’re always happy to share work and support one another, providing the conditions above are met. By downloading any images you are agreeing to these terms.



Watermark Request Form

Please complete the form below to confirm your watermarked gallery. Any images you do not want to share with suppliers can be “hidden” before sharing your gallery link – just like with your main gallery. You may prefer to download a selection of photographs and send them to your suppliers, that’s entirely up to you. We will be in touch via e-mail when the watermark gallery is ready. We will always try and get this completed as quickly as possible, but during busy periods it may take 7-10 days for us to provide the watermark gallery. The watermark gallery will be available for 1 month for downloads (with a reminder sent before it expires). Sit tight, we’ll have it with you ASAP!

Watermark Request Form
We can only accept requests for watermarked galleries from the wedding couple directly.
This will help us locate your images and link this request to your booking.
Please double check that this is entered correctly as we use this to correspond with you. We will send images to you at this e-mail address.
Please provide any further information / requests here.
I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to that my information will be kept secure in accordance with GDPR legislation, and that my data will not be passed on to any third parties. I understand that I may receive communication from West 70 Photography regarding this specific enquiry only and that I am free to request that these communications stop at any time.