What Are Digital Images?

We include a “digital image” in the price of our studio photography portrait photo-shoots (see our pricing). What is a digital image and why don’t we offer prints as standard? A digital image (also known as a JPEG) is not a print / physical copy but instead it’s a file that you can store and use on your computer or tablet device as many times / however you want.

Not many photography studios offer digital images as standard. Most places offer prints or some lesser digital product. Prints are lovely but they don’t offer much freedom to the customer. You can’t easily make copies of a print and you’re limited by the size of the original print and the print quality. We offer digital images as standard because they provide much more flexibility and are far better value for our customers.

You might want to take your image(s) into your favourite shop / supermarket and order a few prints. You can take your digital image(s) from us anywhere and do whatever you want (for personal use). You don’t need to buy anything extra from us, if you don’t want to. This saves you money and gives you the freedom to use your image(s) how you want. You could run off 50 copies of the same photo if you wanted to, it’s your choice. We do offer print services for those that require it.

Some customers also like to share photos online or via e-mail. This is a piece of cake with digital images and it’s simply not possible with prints. We also include personal copyright permission as standard for all of our studio photography customers. This means the image(s) is yours to use however you like (for personal use).

In short – portrait studios should be offering digital images as standard because they give the customer freedom to use the image however they want and they’re far better value. Very few studios offer them as standard because “prints make more money”. We’re not like that. We want happy customers who have the freedom to use their images how they want.

As we’re a photography studio we do offer the usual reasonably priced prints, canvases and photo-books etc. We call these “printed orders”. All printed orders are offered in addition to the digital image(s) we provide. This means you buy the digital image first and then can order any prints etc for that image if you’d like – it’s totally optional. You can view our print pricing here for those that require it.

You aren’t under any obligation to order anything from us and all of our pricing is available online in full. Any questions? Let us know!

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