Studio Portrait Photo Books

We are pleased to offer photo books for all of our studio photography customers. We have sourced some gorgeous high quality photo books which can showcase your studio portrait photography images in a stylish glossy book.

Photo books are available as an extra product. You will need to purchase the necessary images before they can be included in the book (check out our pricing). A minimum of 20 images is required for any photo book order.

We have two simple sized options available:

PHOTO BOOK – SMALL –  £65 per book.
Fully printed 8″ x 6″ landscape photo book.

PHOTO BOOK – LARGE –  £95 per book.
Fully printed 12″ x 8″ landscape photo book.

All you need to do is let us know which book you want and (if necessary) which images you want included and we’ll do the rest. We then do the designing for you and post it directly to you.

We offer two different sizes: small (8″ x 6″ landscape) or large (12″ x 8″ landscape) and you can pick the colour of the front of the book. Our books are available in black, silver and pearl white (colours are all subject to availability with our supplier). Some colours may be unavailable in certain sizes due to our supplier changing their stock periodically. We have sample albums available in our photography studio, so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting and take a look at what great quality these books are.

You can either order the book(s) at the time of your viewing at our studio or contact us after your studio portrait photography session. There’s no obligation however you do need to purchase the digital images before they can be included in the book. See our pricing for more information.

If you’re a wedding photography customer please see here for our book pricing.


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