Studio Photography Terms & Conditions

By booking your studio photography photo-shoot with us you agree to the following terms:

■ Your photo-shoot will last up to one hour. The total time of your photo-shoot may be less than one hour total.

■ Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your photo-shoot. Your one hour allocated photo-shoot will begin at the scheduled time and will end by the time one hour has passed from your appointments scheduled start time. Late arrivals will be entitled to use any remaining time left from the scheduled start of their appointment.

■ Please notify us ahead of time if you are unable to attend your photo-shoot, we can then reschedule it. We ask for at least 24 hours notification, which we will confirm with a response. 

■ If contacting us regarding a cancellation we would request you e-mail us (so we have confirmation in writing). 

■ A standard photo-shoot includes photographing up to six people. Larger groups fall into different price points. Please visit our website for current pricing. 1 person counts as either 1 adult, 1 child or 1 pet.

■ Payment for the photo-shoot is due in full at the end of the photo-shoot. If paying by gift voucher please bring this with you to the photo-shoot. Payment at a later date (by invoice or similar) is not available. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

■ Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their photo-shoot.

■ No other photography (or recording of any kind) is permitted during the photo-shoot or during your viewing (if applicable).

■ No shoes are permitted on our white “cove” backdrop. Socks or bare feet are welcome.

■ You are financially responsible for any damage caused to our property by any member of your booking party.

■ Glasses or other reflective surfaces may produce some glare while being photographed. This will be minimised whenever possible however it may still be visible in the final images.

■ Your images may be used by West 70 Photography for promotional use. Images will not be shared with any third parties.

■ We give you full copyright permission for all of the images included with your photo-shoot and any additional images that are purchased. We retain the copyright to all of our work however we happily grant you permission for private use.

■ You may not use any of your images for commercial purposes. This includes (but is not limited to) selling or profiting from the images. Commercial use is subject to additional charges.

■ Your final image(s) will be provided digitally. A disc or USB option is available at an additional cost.

■ Depending on which pricing option you select at your photoshoot a viewing may not be necessary.

■ Your private viewing of images will take place at our studio at a later date following your shoot (this will be arranged with you at the photo-shoot). We do not offer online viewings. The viewing takes place in a no-pressure environment and you are welcome to spend as much or as little as you like. Viewings may take in-excess of one hour.

■ Your viewing will take place within a reasonable timeframe of approximately 4 weeks following your photo-shoot. Special arrangements can be made by contacting us. One viewing is included in the shoot price. Additional viewings are £30 per viewing.

■ If a viewing is cancelled or postponed it is the responsibility of the customer to rearrange a date and time with us. Please notify us of any cancellations by calling or e-mailing us. Missed appointments (without prior notification) will count towards the one viewing included in the price and any subsequent viewing will be charged at our standard rate of £30 per viewing.

■ It is the customers responsibility to make sure that any images chosen at the viewing are the correct images they wish to purchase. These images will be double checked with you at the end of the viewing and a screenshot of your chosen images will be taken. We also complete an order form and we will double check the final chosen image numbers with you. It is the clients responsibility to make sure they chose the correct images at the time of the viewing. We are not responsible for customers changing their minds or for any errors in choice after the viewing has ended.

■ We keep a copy of all of your final images on file indefinitely. We archive a copy of your final images and will attempt to keep them safe however we cannot guarantee their availability in the future. You can purchase additional images at a later date by booking a second viewing (£30). Archived images are not editable and are only available how they appeared when archived (for example black and white images will only be available in black and white).

■ Our pricing may periodically be updated. You will be charged at the current pricing structure (available on our website) for any products or services.

■ Digital images cannot be refunded. All sales of digital images are final. Once a digital image has been sent to a customer it cannot be refunded or changed. This does not affect your statutory rights.

■ You can purchase additional images as digital files. We offer print orders but these are only available to any image you purchase as a digital file first. Printed orders cannot be made for images that you are not purchasing.

■ Any special arrangements must be made and agreed upon by West 70 Photography in advance of your photo-shoot. Any special requirements must be disclosed before arriving for your photo-shoot.

■ If purchasing all of the final images upfront, we cannot guarantee how many images will be included. Typically with a photoshoot this will normally exceed fifty (50) images. We cannot guarantee how many images there will be due to a number of variables including the willingness / participation of members of the customers party. We will aim to provide as many images as possible. We cannot guarantee which images, if any, will be black or white / colour and this will be decided by the photographer / editor.

■ Additional terms may be defined by West 70 Photography.

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