Prom Photography Galleries

The link to access your prom photoshoot online gallery will be posted below as soon as it’s ready. Depending on when your event was, it may take 48 hours + for your gallery to appear here (depending on our availability).

We’ll also share on our Instagram page (@west70photography) as soon as the gallery is ready. 

  • Brimsham Green – 23rd June 2021 (link to gallery coming soon)
  • John Cabot Academy – 2nd July 2021 (link to gallery coming soon)
  • Hanham Woods Academy – 8th July 2021 (link to gallery coming soon)

If you do not have the password for your gallery please contact your school prom organisers who will have been provided with this information. We cannot share or provide login details for any of our proms. For security your email address is required to access the online gallery. 

Important: Any screenshots or copying of any images within these online galleries is not permitted. An image being used which contains a watermark has not been paid for. Once an image is purchased the watermark will disappear. As photographers we rely on the sale of these images to cover our costs. Screenshots (or any other form of copying images) from the online gallery without paying for them is theft. We take theft of images very seriously. Any images that are screenshotted or otherwise stolen from an online gallery will be charged a penalty fee of £50.00 per image + the original image cost. Theft of images should be reported to West 70 Photography by e-mail (). Your report will be kept confidential.