Prom Photography 2019 Galleries

Welcome! We hope you had a fantastic evening at your prom. Below is some important info about your photographs. Please have a read and select your prom from the events listed below. The link to your event will become live when the gallery is ready.

General Info
Please make sure you have the password to access your gallery. Signage at the prom will have contained the password you need to access your gallery. If you do not have the password you will need to contact one of your event organisers for details. We are unable to provide passwords to anyone after the event due to privacy reasons. When you access the gallery you will need to provide an e-mail address. We do not use this e-mail address for any marketing purposes and is only provided for security reasons. A secure log of every e-mail that accesses any gallery is kept on file and may be provided to event organisers upon request. Any activity within the gallery is traceable to an e-mail address.

All of the images contained within the gallery have a watermark on them for viewing. The watermark disappears for any images you purchase. Once purchased you are free to use the images however you see fit (including printing etc). Please do not screenshot or otherwise copy any images with a watermark. You will be billed the full price of a digital image plus a further penalty fee if you screenshot any images. Screenshots or any other form of copying images from this gallery without paying for them is theft. We take theft of images very seriously. Any violations of this should be reported to the photographers directly by e-mailing .

Buying Images
You can view and buy any of the images as digital photos. They are £20 per image for a digital photo which will be made available to download immediately at high resolution. There is also a secondary option for a digital image plus a 9″ x 6″ print of the same image delivered to you. The gallery will be live for 6 weeks so please make any purchases before the gallery expires. There will be a promotional incentive for orders within the first 48 hours that the gallery is live.



The Grange Hotel – 24th June 2019

The Grange Hotel – 5th July 2019 (Gallery Ready!)


If you have any questions please e-mail .