Pet Photography

You love your pet, and we’d love to photograph your pet for you at our photographic studio in Downend, Bristol. Pets are welcome at our studio. We are pet friendly.

Pet photography is a real up and coming new avenue for people who want some beautiful and professional images of their beloved family companion. We would love for you to bring in your pet and allow us to take some photographs for you. You can also be in the images or we can just focus on the pet themselves, it’s entirely up to you, or we can do a mixture of both. Our studio is incredibly pet friendly, we have created it with pets in mind.

We make sure that our pricing is very fair and good value. We also include in the price one digital image of your choice, you can select this image at the private viewing. You can comfortably view all of the images we have produced at your private viewing and purchase more images (if you’d like). You’re welcome to spend as much or as little as you’d like. We have all of our pricing clearly detailed online, so you can see just how much everything costs.

We don’t watermark the images or compress them in any way. They are yours to do whatever you like with (for personal use) including printing and sharing online. Your images should be just that, yours. We always provide a “copyright permission” notice as standard, this means you can present the notice if you want to get your images printed – it will clearly state we give you permission to do this.

In short we like to create a comfortable and relaxed environment both at your photo-shoot and during the private viewing afterwards. A warm welcome awaits you and your pet at our studio and we would be thrilled to photograph you and share this experience with you.




A photo-shoot in our studio lasting up to one hour is £50 for up to six people (yes, pets count as people!). Larger groups (7+) welcome, see our extra pricing. The price includes use of our studio, a professional photographer, all of the editing and a private viewing of all the final images. One digital image of your choice is also included in the price as well (what is a digital image?). If you’d like to purchase more digital images you’re welcome to do so (for pricing see here, or below) with no pressure to spend more. We also include a “copyright permission notice” so that you can print / share your images however you’d like, for personal use. For more information see our here.

DIGITAL IMAGES – Provided as JPEG (digital) files with copyright permission (personal use).
■ 1 x extra digital image – £35
■ 4 x extra digital images  – £100
■ 10 x extra digital images – £200
■ 20 x extra digital images – £275
■ ALL extra digital images – £350


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