Bristol Photograph Retouching & Restoration Services

We are very pleased to now offer a photo retouching and restoration service. This means we can “correct” photographs for you and restore old photos to their former glory. This is a delicate service which requires time, effort and skill – and we’re thrilled to now offer this as a service to everyone. We offer exceptionally good value, careful service with a very quick turnaround using the latest technology.

How it works: You will need to provide us with the original photograph(s). This can either be a physical printed photograph or a digital copy. If it’s a physical printed photograph we will need to “digitise” the photograph by scanning it into our system with a high resolution photo scanner. Once digitised we can begin work on the image. We can then retouch the image (or “photoshop” it as many people say) if required as well as restore it by removing any rips, tears or damage. We’ll tidy the image for you, creating a brand new digital version of your cherished photograph. You’ll then be supplied with the new, digital, corrected version of the image. We offer a discounted service on bulk orders.

Please contact us to book in an appointment to drop off your photograph(s) for restoration. Please have a confirmed appointment before coming to our Downend, Bristol studio – we are not always on site so an appointment is required. 

We also offer the option to have the newly restored photograph printed etc, but this is optional. See our full terms below.



DIGITISE AN IMAGE –  £10 per image
We will create a digital version of your photograph for you. This will be required for all restoration / retouching services unless you can provide us with your own high resolution digital copy.

PHOTO RETOUCHING –  From £20 per image
We can correct or improve a photograph that doesn’t need restoring. This may include (but is not limited to) skin / blemish correction, teeth whitening etc. We classify retouching as digital work on an image that doesn’t need restoring. Price may be higher if the level of required retouching is considered advanced.

PHOTO RESTORATION –  From £35 per image
We will restore a photograph to it’s former glory. This may include (but is not limited to) photographs that are damaged, torn or otherwise spoiled. We will restore the photograph and provide you with a new “tidy” version. Price may be higher if the level of required restoration is considered advanced.



You will need to provide us with your original photograph. We are unable to accept negatives. We will keep the photograph safe while we work on the image. We recommend that all restoration orders are dropped off to our Bristol studio in person (by prior appointment – please contact us). We do not recommend posting original photographs and we cannot accept any responsibility for any image(s) lost in the post. When you drop off your image(s) to be restored we will then need to have a brief consultation (5-10 minutes) with you to discuss your requirements. Typically the restoration will be completed within 7 days, but a timeframe will be advised to you upon receiving the image(s). The timeframe for completing the restoration may be longer. The level of restoration required may vary the price of the restoration, you will be made aware of this before work begins. Photographs that are restored will be provided in the highest possible resolution, however we are limited to how much a photograph can be resized based upon the original photograph. The total cost of the restoration will also be disclosed to you when dropping off the photograph with us. All restoration orders must be paid for in full before work can begin. Once the image(s) has been restored we will arrange a suitable date/time for you to collect the original photograph. The final restored image will be provided to you digitally (via email or similar). We also offer the facility to print the newly restored photograph, but this is all optional.