Photo Book Order Help Guide


For more general information about our photo book please visit our photo book page. The below information is intended to help customers who are in the process of ordering their book.

Book Sizes
We offer two book sizes, no matter what style of book you pick. A small photo book (£65 each) is 8″ x 6″ and a large photo book (£95 each) is 12″ x 8″. All photo books are landscape. Whatever size you pick, you can pick up to approximately 50 images as a maximum. If 50 images isn’t enough for you, you can add on the Maxi option, which adds more pages and allows you to select up to 80 images (see “Photo Numbers” below for more info).


Book Style
We offer a variety of designs of album for you to pick from. All designs are available for small or large photo books. All designs are subject to availability from our supplier. See the photo above showcasing the different styles available (or see our photo book page). You can also view our samples in our studio. We offer a variety of designs:

■ Photo Cover – Printed with your choice of image on the front and rear of the album.
■ Rustic Linen – A classic oatmeal coloured linen / burlap style cover.
■ White Canvas – A timeless white textured cover, similar to a canvas painting.
■ Faux Black Leather – A simplistic black leather-style front cover (faux leather).
■ Faux Brown Leather – A mid-brown leather-style front cover (faux leather).


Number of Copies Required
You can order as many books as you would like. We need one order form per book design. If you want three copies of the exact same book (same size, same design) we only need one order form completed. If you want five books but each one has different images (or they’re different sizes / designs) we need an order form per book.


Photo Numbers
We need to know what images you want included in your book. We need a minimum of 20 images and recommend a maximum of approx 50 images for the best layout. The more images you have in your book the more compact the layout will be. You need to look at your images as they were originally provided to you, they will each have your surname followed by a number (for example “Smith – 001”, “Smith – 002” and so on). We need the numbers at the end of the photo, for example 001, 004, 028 and so on. Please double check the image numbers you provide are correct!

If you want more than 50 images, you can add on the Maxi option to any book order (£30 extra per book). This adds more pages to your photo book so you can have up to approx 80 images instead of the usual 50.


Featured Images
A featured image is an image that takes up a full/whole page in your album by itself. We recommend picking your absolute favourite images as your featured images. We recommend 3 featured images per album, so pick carefully. We recommend picking a landscape images for your featured images, as they properly fill the page. Portrait images are possible as full page images, but do not fill the page as well.


Front Cover Image
This is only needed if you are selecting the “Photo Cover” design. All other designs do not require this to be provided. You will need to select a front cover image (this must be landscape) as well as a rear cover image (this must also be landscape). These will be used as the front and back of your album, so pick carefully!