Our Response to COVID-19

Below you will find our our policy regarding COVID-19. This information is subject to change. Please contact us if you have any questions. We continue to take precautionary measures to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone around us including staff and customers and the wider public beyond.

Customers should contact us if they test positive COVID-19 or display symptoms.

It’s important that we can continue working and avoid any disruption to our business, bookings and customers. We have previously unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 and it halted our work. It caused a lot of difficulty for us as well as our wonderful customers because we couldn’t attend work assignments that we had in the diary. These jobs needed to be staffed by third-party photographers at the last minute. The replacement photographers were then paid the full rate of pay we had received for these jobs, meaning a loss of income for us. It also meant last minute changes and disruption and disappointment to customers who had long-planned their bookings with us. We want to avoid this. Our work is very reliant on our availability.

Due to this we may continue with some safety measures. This includes possibly using face masks and hand sanitising. We’d also ask that consideration is made for attending bookings if you feel unwell.

This is only done so we can continue to operate our business as smoothly as possible and work with all of our customers.

Updated June 2023.


Wedding Photography:
Now that restrictions are lifted weddings can resume without limitation. Any remaining questions surrounding what is permitted should be directed to your registrar office, celebrant or your ceremony / reception venue. We are obliged to comply with any rules set by a venue or person conducting the ceremony.

As a precautionary measure for everyones safety we may continue to use face masks for weddings and events. This is at the photographers discretion. It will allow us the best possible chance to continue working, uninterrupted, for all bookings. We are happy to take this extra precautionary measure for everyones wellbeing and no offence is intended by this measure. 

We have a group of photographers we work closely with who provide cover/support for all of our bookings, should we find we test positive for covid. We will always clearly communicate any changes to customers who are impacted.


Studio Photography:
As a precautionary measure for everyones safety our staff may continue to use face masks during appointments. We may also request guests make use of the use of hand sanitiser on arrival. This is particularly likely with larger group bookings.

Should customers wish to wear a face covering while in the studio this is of course welcome. A mask can be provided free of charge if you do not have one.

We welcome group bookings for up to 15 people, the maximum we can accommodate. We reserve the right to change the maximum number of guests permitted into the studio.

You can book your appointment for studio portraits etc instantly online.


We welcome any questions you may have – please contact us to discuss.