Our Response to COVID-19

Below you will find our latest information about COVID-19 and our policy for dealing with this challenging situation. This information is subject to change. All updates will be posted to this page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and we’ll continue to take measures to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone around us including staff, customers and the public beyond. We do not want to put anyone at risk or put unnecessary burden on our fantastic NHS. We appreciate everyones patience and understanding during this time.

Customers should contact us if they test positive COVID-19 or display symptoms. For general information about COVID-19 we recommend visiting Public Health England

Updated 22nd July 2021



Key Points
■ Weddings have resumed with restrictions on events easing.
■ Studio portrait photography will hopefully be resuming soon but is slightly delayed due to our workload. Please check back here for our latest updates.
■ We will continue to use masks and keep a respectful distance at bookings. When studio work does resume we will also continue to follow the face mask rule for all visitors (unless medically exempt). 
■ We are carrying out lateral flow tests to check for COVID-19.
■ In person appointments remain on hold for the short-term foreseeable future but we are offering video / phone meetings in their place.


Wedding Photography:
From 19th July 2021 restrictions on social distancing, face masks, dancing, seating and so on were lifted meaning that weddings can resume ‘as normal’. We recommend speaking to your wedding venue directly for more details as requirements will vary. Any questions surrounding what is permitted should be directed to your registrar office or your ceremony venue. Final decisions about what is permitted lay with your registrar and venue and we will have to comply with these rules.

We will continue to use a face mask covering for all upcoming weddings events, including those beyond 19th July 2021 when restrictions on face masks were lifted. Due to the volume of wedding events we photograph this is a small courtesy we will keep in place for everyone’s benefit. It will also allow us the best possible chance to continue working, uninterrupted, for all bookings that may have already been delayed multiple times. We are happy to take this extra precautionary measure for everyones wellbeing. We will also continue to keep a respectful distance from guests etc. This is also done to keep us compliant with our public liability insurance.

Any customers wanting to move their booking can rescheduled free of charge to any 2021 date. Customers wanting to reschedule to a date in 2022 may possibly face a small fee of £50 – this depends on when you originally booked us. Details below.

Rescheduling in 2021: Any wedding customer who wants to transfer their booking to a new 2021 date can do so free of charge. Your booking would simply be moved to the new date (providing it is available). We strongly encourage customers to check our availability before confirming a new date with their wedding venue as our 2021 availability is now quite limited, but we want to retain as many of our rescheduled bookings as possible. If your new date is already booked a refund will be offered, but we wish to avoid this whenever possible. Customers can change their booking by contacting us via e-mail (we require a written copy of any change of date request). 

Rescheduling to 2022: Customers who booked with us before October 2020 (for any date in the future) will have originally qualified for our older pricing. Our pricing was updated in October 2020 (by £50) to £399 for three hours coverage. Any customer on our ‘old’ pricing who are moving to a date in 2022 or beyond will be charged the increase of £50 to reflect the new pricing. Bookings that were made with us after October 2020 will already be on our newer pricing and therefore will not face any additional charges for moving dates to 2022. This helps keep our accounts organised, so that all bookings are on the same pricing for 2022 and beyond. Customers will face no other charges or fees for postponing a date, we will absorb any additional costs incurred. 

We encourage customers to contact us via e-mail to discuss.


Studio Photography:
We are optimistic we will soon be able to confirm a date for resuming studio photography work. We will make announcements on this page as well as our social media in due course when this is 100% confirmed.

Due to our workload in late July/early August (and our prior commitment to bookings including weddings and corporate events) we will slightly delay resuming studio work. This is done so that we can be confident we are able to undertake all of our workload and limit the possibility of having to self isolate etc. As we are a small business with limited staff we are having to be extra cautious to avoid having to self isolate etc, so that we can continue to work uninterrupted on bookings we are committed to with fixed dates.

When studio work does resume, we will continue to require the use of face masks (unless exempt) and hand sanitiser for all visitors to our studio. Face masks can be removed while being photographed but should remain on at all other times. We will also keep a respectful distance apart and well ventilate the area. These rules will remain in place at our business beyond 19th July 2021 for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We will continue to conduct meetings etc remotely for the time being. For those who do not wish to wear a face mask we’d invite you to book at a later date. We will continue to review these guidelines as the situation changes, but for the time being, as unfortunately COVID-19 is very much still with us and with cases rising, these measures will remain in place.

You can read our full policy on our temporary COVID measures relating to studio photography here.

We’re encouraging customers who are interested in studio portrait sessions to contact us via e-mail () to register their interest. We can then contact you when bookings are open again in the not too distant future.


Gift Vouchers:
Any gift vouchers sold during our closure will be dated so that the voucher is active for one full year from the first day we resume all studio work. This means if you wish to purchase a gift voucher, the voucher will be valid for 1 year from the date we re-open and resume services within our studio.

If you have a gift voucher that is due to expire before our studio appointments re-open please contact us. We will honour any gift vouchers that are affected by our studios closure provided the customer contacts us before the vouchers original expiry date (expiry date is written on all vouchers). We will e-mail confirmation of a voucher extension to any customer who contacts us before their vouchers original expiration date. If you do not contact us before the original expiry date, your voucher will be deemed expired.


Lateral Flow Testing & Our Process:
We are taking tests currently once a week, every Thursday, to test for symptoms of COVID-19 by using the lateral flow testing kits provided by the NHS. Our results are then logged and shared with the NHS. Furthermore, we are limiting our contact with others so we can be sure we’re available for bookings that are proceeding. In addition to this we have a risk assessment in place to outline our process (available upon request).


Meetings & Appointments:
All meetings / appointments are currently only offered by video call (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype) or telephone for the short-term foreseeable future. Luckily our meetings are simply a chance to talk through plans, which can easily be done remotely. We will continue to offer video and phone calls as restrictions begin to lift, to allow us to be confident in our availability for all bookings. Due to the popularity of these remote meeting options we will continue to offer phone/video appointments going forward to all customers. Please contact us to arrange your appointment.


Tuesday Drop-In Hours:
Before we closed for the pandemic in March 2020 we opened on Tuesday afternoon for drop-in enquiries. We will not be resuming this service going forward and will fully be ‘appointment only’. In it’s place we will soon be launching a new booking system to allow all customers the ability to instantly book appointments (of all types) via our website. We can also always be contacted via e-mail and telephone (contact us) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Print Orders:
Online orders for prints have now resumed. Customers can place orders via their online gallery (or contact us) and they will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. Collection in person is currently available only for large orders / canvas print orders. All other orders will be posted.


On A Personal Note:
We have been incredibly touched by the support and kindness shown to us by our customers. We appreciate our customers patience and understanding. We’re thankful to everyone who continues to support our business and we assure you we’re working hard to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Although this situation is uncharted territory and constantly changing, it’s affirming to see kindness and understanding being shown to one another. 


We welcome any questions you may have (please contact us) and we advise checking back here for regular updates.