Our Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus 2019

Below you will find our latest information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) and our process for dealing with the ever-changing situation. Below is an outline of our plan and policy, as it currently stands. This is provided for information purposes and is subject to change. All updates will be posted to this page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We’d kindly request all customers . Telephone calls may take longer to receive a reply.

Updated 27th November 2020.


We are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. We will continue to take measures to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone around us including staff, customers and the public beyond. We do not want to put anyone at risk or put unnecessary burden on our fantastic NHS. We appreciate everyones patience and understanding during this ever-changing situation. We would ask customers to communicate with us should they find themselves with COVID-19 or display symptoms. You can contact us via e-mail at any time. If we find ourselves with symptoms we will of course self isolate in line with current guidance and contact anyone impacted. We will always be reachable via e-mail

Our business continues to operate on a stripped down remote service. Even though our studio may be temporarily closed for appointments we are still working every day and can be reached via e-mail.


Key Points

■ We’d politely request that customers contact us via e-mail whenever possible. Telephone calls may take a few working days to be returned while we prioritise email contact.
■ Weddings can resume from 2nd December 2020, in a limited way. Customers effected are advised to contact us. See below for more details.
■ Studio photography bookings are still on hold due to government advice regarding shops and the use of face coverings. See below for more details. 
■ Tuesday afternoon opening hours for drop-in appointments remain on hold.
■ Online orders have resumed, but with a slightly delayed service.


Wedding Photography:
From 2nd December 2020 lockdown measures will ease, with regions of the country returning to a ‘tiered’ system. Bristol and South Gloucestershire are both going into the highest tier, tier 3, until at least 16th December 2020. You can check what tier your region is in here. The good news is that weddings will be permitted to carry on, in a limited way, in any of the three tiers (here’s a helpful graphic showing the differences between tiers regarding weddings). You can read the full government advice on the new December tier system here. In short, weddings are permitted in any tier for 15 people (including a ceremony and reception in tiers 1 and 2). In tier 3, wedding ceremonies can go ahead with up to 15 people, but no receptions afterwards can take place. 

Bristol and South Gloucestershire (where we’re located and covers the outer area of Bristol) will both be in tier 3 – the highest tier. This means a wedding ceremony can go ahead with up to 15 people, but any reception afterwards is not permitted. Any questions surrounding this should be directed to the registrar office who has handled your ceremony booking.

You can read the full general government guidance on ceremonies here. You can also read the full government guidance on receptions here

Any wedding customers effected by the new measures should contact us (via e-mail whenever possible). Dates can be rescheduled free of charge to 2021 dates.

Any of our wedding customers who want to transfer their booking to a new 2021 date can do so free of charge (see paragraph below for 2022 dates). Your booking would simply be moved to the new date (providing it is available). We encourage customers to check our availability before confirming a new date with their wedding venue. Our 2021 availability is now quite limited so please contact us to check dates. If your new date is already booked by another customer a refund will be offered. Customers can change their booking by contacting us via e-mail (we require a written copy of any change of date request). 

Customers who booked with us before October 2020 (for any date in the future) will have qualified for our older pricing of £349 for three hours coverage. Our pricing was updated in mid October 2020 by £50 to £399 for three hours coverage. Any customer on our ‘old’ pricing moving to a date in 2022 or beyond will be charged the increase of £50 to reflect the new pricing. Bookings that were made with us after October 2020 will already be on our newer pricing and therefore will not face any additional charges for moving dates to 2022 or beyond. This helps keep our accounts organised, so that all bookings are on the same pricing for 2022 and beyond. No other charges or fees will apply for postponing a date. 

Customers who wish to cancel their booking with us are encouraged to contact us via e-mail to discuss. If your wedding date is able to proceed but you decide you wish to cancel the booking this would be subject to our standard terms and conditions. If however your date is impacted by lockdown restrictions or similar measures that mean the event cannot proceed in any way, this would qualify you for a full refund, including the booking fee, should you decide not to reschedule. Customers who wish to reschedule their event to a date we are not available for would also qualify for a refund in certain circumstances. Whenever possible we are encouraging customers to keep their bookings with us and reschedule dates. We encourage customers to contact us via e-mail to discuss.

We also recommend that you also refer to your wedding insurance for general advice. We’re here to help and you can always contact us.


Studio Photography:
Studio photography bookings will remain on hold even after lockdown eases. This is due to government advice regarding shops and the required use of face coverings when in a retail premises. We are working on finding a solution to this issue.

Our local council public health department confirmed that our studio is classified as retail, and therefore face coverings are required to be worn at all times for all visitors. We fully support the wearing of face coverings, for everyone’s safety, but this rule does unfortunately mean studio photography work at this time isn’t workable. The face covering rule is required for anyone being photographed. This means if you wanted your photograph taken by us, a face covering would need to be worn, even when being photographed. Understandably this isn’t desirable for our customers. Due to this, we have made the very difficult decision to not resume studio photography work at this time, for everyones safety and wellbeing. Studio work will resume once this rule is lifted or an exemption is granted. We have contacted our MP about this  multiple times – sadly he has not replied. We are continuing to try work with the local public health department to find a workable solution (we are thankful for their help during this).

We’re encouraging customers who are interested in studio portrait sessions to contact us via e-mail () to register their interest. We can then contact you when bookings are open again. We cannot yet advise when this will be, but please do register your interest. We can also discuss the possibility of photographing at your home or in an outdoor setting (based on current guidance) – contact us to discuss.

When studio work does resume, we will be fully “covid secure” by adhering all safety protocols and guidance. This also includes the use of the NHS Covid-19 mobile app QR Code (for those who wish to use it) for test and trace purposes. We will also be keeping our own customer log for test and trace purposes.

Initially on resuming studio work we will only offer the “all images” option for £249 (see our pricing here). We will provide all of the images to you digitally, to use however you like, so there’s no need for an in-person viewing and it’s all “contact free”. This will temporarily be the only option available. The number of guests we can accommodate may also temporarily be restricted to lower group numbers (but this will be confirmed based on guidance at the time of our re-opening).

Any gift vouchers sold during our closure will be dated so that the voucher is active for one full year from the first day we fully resume all studio work. This means if you wish to purchase a gift voucher, the voucher will be valid for 1 year from the date we can re-open and resume all services as normal.

If you have a gift voucher that is due to expire before our studio appointments re-open please contact us. We will honour gift vouchers that are affected by this studio closure provided the customer contacts us before the vouchers original expiry date (expiry date is written on all vouchers). We will e-mail confirmation of a voucher extension to any customer who contacts us before their vouchers original expiration date.


Contacting Us:
We are encouraging all customers to contact us currently via email (). As we are continuing to work remotely, telephone calls are temporarily harder for us to deal with (and require us being in our studio to call you back). Telephone calls may take a couple of working days to receive a reply therefore we highly encourage e-mailing us, as we can respond much faster. We are also receiving a great deal of e-mails from customers, therefore we are prioritising these. If you do call, we appreciate your patience.


Meetings & Appointments:
All meetings / appointments are currently only offered by video call (Skype, FaceTime) or telephone for the foreseeable future. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Luckily our meetings are simply a chance to talk through plans, which can easily be done remotely. We are limiting our exposure to other people (both personally and professionally) so that we can be confident we are able to safely undertake bookings that are proceeding in the immediate future. Please contact us to arrange your appointment.


Tuesday Drop-In Hours:
Our Tuesday afternoon drop-in hours are on hold for the foreseeable future. Signage is on display in our studio advising of this. We will announce once Tuesday afternoon drop-in hours resume. Our studio layout makes it difficult to work together with guests while keeping apart. This means we regretfully anticipate our drop-in hours will be one of the last services to resume but we can still be contacted via e-mail and telephone (contact us) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Print Orders:
Online orders for prints have now resumed. It may a little longer than usual for your order to arrive (up to 28 days during busy periods) due to our printer resuming a limited service with lower staff numbers. Customers can place orders via their online gallery (or contact us) and they will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. All orders will be posted, we are not currently offering a “collect in person” service. Customers who wish to collect in person are advised to hold off on ordering. Canvas orders have not yet resumed.


On A Personal Note:
We have been incredibly touched by the support and kindness shown to us by our customers. We appreciate that these are very uncertain times and customers patience and understanding has not gone unnoticed. We’re thankful to everyone who continues to support our business and we assure you we’re working hard to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Although this situation is uncharted territory and constantly changing, it’s affirming to see kindness and understanding being shown to one another. We also appreciate everyone’s patience while we figure out this ever-changing situation.


We welcome any questions you may have (please contact us) and we advise checking back here for regular updates.

For general information about COVID-19 we recommend visiting Public Health England.