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In order to book our Bristol photography studio for your own private hire please complete the booking form below. The hire will take place at our professional photography studio in Downend, Bristol. See our studio photography hire pricing and details here.

Hire bookings require payment in full with a credit/debit card. You can check availability and book your hire instantly below.

Please read our temporary COVID-19 guidelines for all in-person studio work.



Studio Address: West 70 Photography, 9 Cleeve Wood Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2SF (open in google maps).

Please arrive or your hire no earlier than ten minutes before your hire is scheduled to begin. If you arrive earlier you may not be able to access the studio due to other bookings. Staff will be on site from 10 minutes prior to the hire beginning. There is free (2 hour) car parking outside of the studio. Longer term (free) parking is also available nearby (details will be provided when you arrive for you booking). 

Please bring absolutely everything you will need for the hire. This includes all equipment (lighting etc) needed. You will also need to provide your own photographer/models etc. We cannot provide any technical assistance.

The hire includes use of the studio area (and its associated backdrops) and the kitchen / changing and bathroom areas. The reception area is not included in the hire. No food or drink is provided, if needed this must be supplied by you and removed at the end of the hire. No alcohol may be consumed on site. If you wish to bring music you are responsible for providing your own music and speaker. We do not offer any facility for playing music. Music must be kept at an acceptable level to not cause a disturbance.

The hire must conclude at the agreed time. This includes disassembling any equipment, tidying up and leaving the studio as it was provided. If you have not vacated the studio by the agreed end of your hire you will be additionally charged (see terms and conditions below). 




Definitions: “The Studio” refers to the company known as West 70 Photography. “The Facility” is the premises situated at West 70 Photography, 9 Cleeve Wood Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2SF. “The Customer” refers to any person or persons, company or other organisation that is hiring The Studio or connected with any person, persons, company or other organisation that is hiring The Studio.

Bookings & Purchases: Full details of chargeable rates are set out on The Studio website ( Prices and rates available on these pages and on the website may be varied without notice. The Customer is required to pay the full amount of the hire fee at the time of booking. When making a booking, The Customer agrees that it is for their exclusive use only and they agree that The Facility will not be sub-let to any other party without the permission of The Studio. When The Customer makes a booking, The Studio immediately remove the availability of the chosen date and time from sale to any other party. When making a booking The Customer agrees to make a payment in full for the service(s) provided. Such payments are non-refundable unless The Studio are unable to fulfil your booking. Any remaining balances (for additional costs incurred during the booking or for overran appointments or any damage caused etc) is due at the end of the booking and can be paid in cash, credit or debit card or bank transfer.  We do not accept cheques.

Cancellation: The client may cancel or reschedule up until 48 hours before a booking. In the event of a cancellation within 48 hours, The Studio reserves the right to retain the full amount paid by The Customer. Please note that any payment on account is not refundable unless The Studio is unable to meet the original obligation to The Customer. Lateness of 30+ minutes from the start of The Customers booking will be considered a “no show” and the booking will be terminated. No refund will be issued.

On The Day / Booking: A member of staff from The Studio will arrive approximately 10 minutes before the booking time to open up for The Customer. When making a booking please note that the booked times are the only period where The Customer can expect full and exclusive use of The Facility. The Studio will not allow access to The Facility to any other party not connected with The Customer, unless agreed otherwise or as required by law. The Customer must include set up and take down/clean up time within the hours booked, to avoid overtime charges of £125 per hour. The hire will begin at the scheduled agreed time and must conclude no later than the agreed finish time. Overtime is subject to availability. The Customer agrees to terminate their booking at the agreed time and must not overrun. If The Customer does not arrive at The Studio within 30 minutes of the start booked time, The Studio reserves the right to consider that the booking is cancelled and no fees to be refunded. The Customerwill forfeit the booking and the member(s) of staff will no longer be on site. The member(s) of staff provided by The Studio are under no obligation to provide help/assistance outside of general guidance with the rules of the hire. The Facility will be fully accessible to the member(s) of staff provided by The Studio at any time deemed necessary. The Customer will have access to the kitchen and bathroom area. The kitchen area doubles as a changing area. You will not be provided with access to any food / drink so this should be supplied by The Customer, if required. Kitchenware is included in the hire. Any breakages must be paid for. All fire exits must be kept clear. The outside area at the rear of The Studio address is not included in the hire. The entrance / foyer area of The Facility is also not included in the hire and cannot be used for any photographic purposes. The entrance / foyer area may only be used for entry. Any equipment in the entrance / foyer area is not included in the hire. Any music (played by and provided by the The Customer) must be kept at an acceptable level. A virtual tour of The Facility is available via The Studio website ( It is understood that The Customer is aware of the space they are hiring. A site visit before the booking is confirmed can be arranged, by prior appointment. Any materials used in connection with The Customer as well as any rubbish shall be removed from The Facility at the end of the hire period at the expense of The Customer. The Studio will charge for any waste / rubbish / items not removed by the end of the hire. The Customer will be notified when the hire is almost over (approximately 30 minutes before). There is parking outside of The Facility. Some of the parking is limited to 2-hours, other parking is longer term. It is the responsibility of The Customer to adhere to these parking rules. The Studio is not liable for any parking charges / fines incurred by The Customer.

Conduct: It is assumed that The Customer is confident and competent to use the studio space un-aided, safely and professionally. All parties, including The Customer and their guests, are required to demonstrate good conduct whilst at The Facility, including respect for our neighbours, representatives of The Studio and any other person onsite. All parties are required to behave in a lawful and respectful manner. Invasion of personal space, private rooms and any inappropriate behaviour is not permitted and may result in the booking being terminated with the full fee payable. Smoking is not permitted in any area inside of The Facility. No animals are allowed in The Facility (except guide dogs) unless otherwise agreed with The Studio. The Facility will be manned by a representative of The Studio at all times, unless agreed otherwise. Any guests under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or chaperone. It is the full responsibility of The Customer to obtain any permissions required for photographing. Noise levels must be kept to a reasonable level during studio hire bookings. The Customer and their guests are asked to consider other occupants and neighbour residents when using The Facility. Any illegal activity will result in immediate termination of the booking with no refunds due.

Damage:  The Studio is provided to The Customer in a clean and tidy state, to which The Customer agreed to return The Facility in the same manner.  Any damage caused by misuse, misadventure or carelessness to any set, fixture, fitting, equipment, accessory and consumable, including background rolls will be charged to The Customer and becomes payable before the end of the booking. Reasonable wear and tear is permitted and the use of background rolls is included in the cost of the rental of The Facility. Any damage not considered wear and tear will be chargeable. Electrical sockets are available throughout the studio for The Customer to make use of. It is assumed that any electrical equipment The Customer provides is safe for use and has been PAT tested. The Customer agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safe use of all equipment within The Facility and will agree to indemnify The Studio against any costs for any damage caused. All damage must be reported to The Studio immediately. The Studio must be notified by The Customer at the start of the hire period if any aspect of the condition or decoration of The Facility is unacceptable. If no such notification is given The Facility will be determined to be of an acceptable standard for use by The Customer. The Facility has some areas of natural light. These can be blocked / covered using the blackout blinds provided. This is done at the responsibility of The Customer. Overhead lighting within The Facility can also be controlled by The Customer. The Facility is fitted with CCTV. Images are recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and the staff safety and they might be also stored to claim for any damages incurred during the booking. No alterations decorations or additions to The Facility are permitted without the consent of The Studio. At the end of the hire period The Facility must be surrendered in the same condition that it was in at the start of the hire period. Any costs incurred by The Studio arising out of any breach of this condition shall be paid by The Customer.

Equipment: The hire includes used of the main area in The Facility as well as the backdrops contained within. The backdrop(s) we have available vary and are subject to availabilty. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement as we cannot guarantee the availability of any one particular backdrop (aside from the infinity cove, which is a permanent installation). The infinity cove / cyclorama is also included in the hire. Shoes should not be used on the infinity cove, as they can cause damage. No photographic equipment (including lighting) is included with the hire. The Customer is responsible for sourcing their own photographer. The Studio will not provide a photographer nor are they required to provide any photographic knowledge or technical help for the hire. The hire includes use of the professional photography studio space. The Studio makes available equipment, services and facilities on an as-is basis. No warranty or guarantee is offered and whilst The Studio will endeavour to make available all advertised equipment at all times, it cannot be guaranteed to do so and such items may be varied at any time and without notice for whatever reason. No item or items belonging, hired or leased or lent to The Studio may be removed from The Facility at any time unless agreed in writing with The Studio. The Customer agrees not to use any item of equipment in any way not recommended by The Studio and/or the manufacturer.

Liability: The Customer is responsible for ensuring that they and their guests adhere to safe working practices throughout their visit to The Facility. The Customer is responsible for claims of liability made as a result of their failure to maintain safe working practices, including, but not limited to, safe height practices, avoidance of trailing leads and electrical safety. The Customer must hold their own Public Liability Insurance, this is a requirement for the hire of studio space. The Customer agrees to indemnify The Studio against any claims and/or losses that may arise as a result of their negligence during rental of The Facility. The Customer agrees to indemnify The Studio against any costs, claims or fines which may be made as the result of their use of The Facility. The Studio is responsible for ensuring that equipment and facilities are in a safe and serviceable state of repair and will provide Public Liability Insurance against any claims where The Studio fails to achieve this. The Studio will not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, costs or loss of income as a result of renting The Facility. In addition, whilst reasonable measures will be taken by The Studio, no responsibility for loss or damage of any property or vehicles of The Customer or their guests will be accepted. The Studio will not be liable for any injury or death to The Customer or their guests not directly attributable to the negligence of The Studio. The Studio will not be liable for any losses, whether direct or consequential, that are a result of malfunction, error, availability, illness or any other reason outside of our control as to why The Facility may not be able to be rented, except for any fees that have been paid to The Studio in respect of rental charges. In the unlikely event of The Studio having to cancel your booking, we will refund any fees paid with respect to the rental of The Facility. We will endeavour to provide alternative date(s) for your booking, however this cannot be guaranteed. The Facility, services and equipment are all provided wholly without warranty and at The Customer’s own risk and may be subject to change without notice at any time by The Studio. The Studio reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or to remove any person from The Facility if it is believed that there is any risk to health and safety of any person, risk to any part of The Facility or if the person is believed to be behaving in an unruly, disruptive or abusive manner, is believed to be intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if that person is believed to partaking in any illegal or proscribed activity whilst on the premises. The Studio reserves the right to terminate any booking in these circumstances, without refund of any paid fees. The Customer must observe all regulations governing the use of The Facility whether imposed by The Studio or by any statutory body or Local Authority.

Privacy, Data Storage & Data Export: The Studio will store your contact information and email correspondence securely, both locally and using our elected Data Processing partners.  Your dealings with The Studio will remain private and confidential unless requested to release such information to assist in a Police investigation or by order of Court or Warrant. The Studio will not pass your contact details to any other company or person, unless you ask us to do so. Booking information is held securely by The Company’s service providers who may be situated outside of the European Union.  This information is use to facilitate your bookings and offer online payments for such bookings.  It is not passed to any other company other than our nominated service provider to facilitate this service.  By using our services you agree that your data will be securely exported, transferred and stored within and outside of European Union. You may view our Privacy Policy on our website at any time.


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